LEFT CLICK to swing sword/throw objects

RIGHT CLICK to block

F to pickup items

H to eat a heart/heal


Did you know that Turrim means Tower in Latin?


You are lost at the top of a perilous tower. Make your way down the hellish land with your only belonging, a big freaking sword. Destroy all the enemies that stand in your path. Eat their hearts to satisfy your hunger.

FOUR Levels

Play through beautifully hand-crafted levels in a linear fashion as you venture on your dark descent.

JUICY Combat

Throw stones and cans at your enemies and slice off their heads with a quick swish of your newly-sharpened blade.


In our game, you can turn off our pixel processing, camera sway and gore if you are uncomfortable with any of those features.


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Turrim 3D - 48 MB
Turrim 3D - 49 MB
Turrim 3D - 53 MB
Turrim 3D - Jam 149 MB

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I like this actually, I like it a lot!


Thanks man! Glad you liked it


head tilt games makes my head tilt when i move left or right


Missions accomplished boys.